what we do.

i! is the name under which we offer a complete package of services in the field of (streaming) XR. XR stands for Extended Reality and is the overall name for all immersive technologies like AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality) and MR (Mixed Reality). With the XR technology, virtual 3D environments merge with the real life environment. This enables us to place something or someone in any kind of environment.

To create this, we use an LED system (floor and walls) in which the real humans and/or props are placed. The 3D environment - which is customized for every project - is ‘projected’ on the LED system. Everything that is not projected on the LED floor and walls is filled in by the extended reality environment. In this 3D environment every form of interactivity, special effects or fiction is possible in real-time. The positions of the cameras and crane are tracked, which ensures that the perspective of the image changes along the movements of the cameras. This results in the perception that the audience is in the three dimensional environment as well.

Originally, this technique is used in Hollywood. But especially now - in a world which is dominated by COVID-19 - we think it is our mission to introduce these wonderful possibilities to a broader audience. For example for in- or external company presentations, product launches, commercials, video clips and congresses, for which we have options within several budgets. These options are drawn up in our i! Menu. You can read more about the process in “The Route”.